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Jamie is one of my best friends in the whole world, and I made her this tape to be a constant musical reminder of how much she means to me.
by Pierce
It was another lonely Valentines Day evening. Dejected, Zane sat at a desk eating some candy hearts and reading each cheesey message like: "Easy 2 Love," "Smile," and "Miss You." These could easily be  …
I did the music for friends Keith & Lori's wedding (late 80's) and this was the result. Sold the Lionel richie CD at a flea market in case you're wondering if I've still lost my mind...
One in a series of many. Vintage 1984
by Alana
For a Valentines present, I just put together this tape for my boyfriend. It has songs that have played when we were together, or just songs that make me think of him.
I made this mix for my boyfriend on our one year anniversary. It ended up being longer than this, so I had to use two tapes. Needless to say, he loved it!
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