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Alternative - Skate/Thrash

This is a playlist I use when I'm on the slopes or playing SSX from the comfort of my couch
An original building block to my current and currently longest relationship. "I drew a lion, you drew an elephant taking a crap, what's more romantic than that? LET'S GO BREAK STUFF LET'S GO FALL IN LO …
I made this tape for my boyfriend which is why there is more than one song by each artist--trying to get him acquainted with some of my favorite bands
just a little streetpunk tape..
my latest attempt at the perfect 80s mix.
tape for a guy at work that asked me what i listen to,i didnt know how to explain it so i taped some.
Made for a friend who's been spending way too much time playing 'Tony Hawk Pro Skater' lately.
by Thor1
a mix of hardcore and punk and some local stuff for some guy i traded tapes with over the "net".most of it off vinyl, i tried to give him some hard to find stuff and foreign hardcore(which i like alot)
by Fannin
a tape i made over a few days on a 120 min tape. plus more that wouldn't fit on the page, propagandhi, jugheads revenge, gorilla biscuits, hatebreed, fugazi, descendents, 7 seconds, velvet underground
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