Part II of a Five Year dating anniversary mix for my wife. I love these songs but not as much as the name of this mix. Best title ever!
I actually heard Till There Was You on our satellite radio at work last night. Inspired me to create a mix for my wife. Some of our favorites and new ones for our five years together mix.
Originally inspired by listening to Polly Jean Harvey. I added a plethora of under the covers songs to create my soundtrack - all night willow - weep with me mix.
There's this super fine Barista I've been crushing on. We have a lot of mutual friends but, he's sort of a shy, homebody type (SWOON). I made him this Valentine's Day / end of Winter mixtape. I still h …
Disclaimer: I made this mix when I was a teenager and it hasn't aged THAT well. Honesty, what the fuck was I smoking here? I mean my heart was in the giht place, pun intended, and most of these songs d …
I rediscovered some rain songs this morning - a few drops of my favorites added for splashes & flavor. Enjoy
Just a collection of songs to cheer me up from the cold I caught that I'm currently fighting.
I was feeling these songs, today - for my drive to work and from home - after midnight mix.
Mix made for a mentor poet friend of mine who's in the process of letting go, mourning and saying goodbye to so much. A Soundtrack to say you're not alone.
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