This is dedicated to the working man. "He can bang
More dated country songs. Remember Charlie Pride?
This is a little older country stuff. There was this brother & sister act in the fifties called the Collins Kids; Larry 13 and Laurie 16 who could play guitar like nobody's business. Larry played a dou …
I sent my Dad this tape many years ago and got him hooked on making tapes. His collection ran into the hundreds. He especially liked Bob Wills, Roy Clark, Marty Robbins, and Bobby Bare. May God bless h …
This mix contains a lot of canadian content (CanCon). I am, of course, canadian. It's a great relaxer. I recently moved and do not have the original liner, so I'm unsure of a couple titles. One of my a …
This here's for the barrel riding, goat roping, monster truck driving, pool shooting, Red Man chewing,Lone Star drinking, Texas two stepping,hard core red neck sum bitches in the U. S. of A, that like  …
Taped in 1984, still some classic tunes and unique stuff. I'm not sure what I was thinking w/Hey regan, but Oh Well!!
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