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I know some Queen fans that do not like covers because, as one said to me, "It is not as good as Queen!" Well duh! No one is as good at Queen songs as Queen! I like hearing different interpretations of …
by Pope1
Nightlines 205. Every once in a while, Nightlines would have the "All Cover Weekend," which was always fun. Here is one such weekend, distilled. You haven't lived til you've heard Holiday In Cambodia o …
I wanted my first mix tape for the site to be fairly simple, so I decided to do a tape of covers, though you could argue about the "cover" status of some. Anyway, I noticed that a lot of my favorite tu …
SLR061 - The first of a few covers discs I've wanted to make, and the first with my new computer.
Was about time to make a cover mix, with all the wonderful covers out there! Of course the first 4 are Queen related, being my favorite band. Soon I will be making an all Queen cover mix! This mix made …
Only half this tape is a cover songs mix. The other half is 311 songs, but im posting them seperately because someday im gonna split them and they will each have their own tape. I was just running low  …
i forgot to add a cover of 'landslide' by the smashing pumpkins. replace The Tea Party with it and it will sound better.