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Theme - Cover Songs

by KellyB
I can't possibly compete with some of the cover tapes that are out there... but this is my own compilation of favourite covers. Side 1 turned out a lot more mellow than planned, but I think the whole t …
decided to try my hand at a covers CD using only the stuff on my hard drive. . . wasn't thrilled about this mix at first, but with my first full listen, came to really like it. . . the live stuff is ba …
by nisa1
(This is from last year and it's in the AotM database somewhere, but not under my current email, so here it is again.) All cover songs ... some live, some studio.
A variety of cover tunes, mostly faithful, a few revisionists. The Joni Mitchell is a remix with a hip-hop beat that drastically changes the tune while the Hiatt is a live version of a song best known  …
A mix made for a fellow AOTM'er in trade for a cover mix she made. The mix uses some of my fave goth/idustrial bands witha few others thrown in all covering songs I loved from the late 70's through ear …
by Lisi
by Castle
Some of these artists actually made The Smiths songs sound cheerful...that is, if you're really depressed to start with...I'm happy to trade mixes! Just e-mail me.
by Castle
I turned 13 in 1980 and New Wave is "my music"...now that it's 2001, I wanted to bring together some of my favorite songs of the past with some of my favorite artists of the present (and future)...not  …