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I like Covers. I don't like to repeat artists. I apologize for the multi Radiohead, Weezer, Beatles/Lennon covers/covering. It's all good.
My brother got a CD burner for Christmas so this is my Christmas Break Opus. It's still semi-in-progress because I still have songs to download (damn 56K connection!) But it's an attempt at collecting  …
Is a cover a tribute to an inspiring fellow musician, a foundation from which an artist can build to give form to the fruits of his imagination or a cheap way to rip off truly talented people just to m …
I've been saving up Beatles covers for the ultimate tape for many years (and costing many, many dollars). Having received some kickass Beatles covers tapes from my trading pal Don K., I decided to retu …
by carol
I feel obliged when making a tape of covers to include the originals.
The name comes from my dad, whenever he hears a cover song on the radio he says they ruined it.. I'd like to think otherwise with this compilation. It's mostly made from my cd collection, but the last  …