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completley different sound
My very own "anti-top 40" countdown. Songs pulled mostly from the "Before You Were Punk" series & "Punk Chartbusters" discs. It's amazing how some tired, overplayed songs sound better when sped up, sho …
by Nisa12
All cover songs ... some live, some studio.
90min tape. My obligatory cover tape. These are always fun.
The Title of this one comes from "Weird Science" (in case you didnt know). Usually I save the punk covers for a little comic relief in the middle of more serious mixes. Regardless of what you think of  …
I've made covers tapes and I've made singles tapes for my brother Badness, so this combo was inevitable. Some half-dozen cuts overlap from my covers collections, alas, and the Brinsley S. is of course  …
Covers (originals) with lotsa mini themes and couplets: Opening with a Motown superfecta; Elvis and Kinks sets; note Divinyls and Tiffany form a genderbender doubleheader; Beatles duo leading into a Be …
like the title says. not the most obscure, but not so terribly obvious either. all sorts of little links -- pistols/bananarama, a motown double from desi young and al green, two velvets, dolls/richard  …
This is just a tape of cover songs I made awhile ago when I was bored.