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Theme - Road Trip

Originally created in summer of 2012. A friend of mine moved far away and asked me to make a mix for the drive. She wanted something that sounded like something lost and something gained, something spr …
Welcome to my shortest mix ever...! In late 2015, my now-fiancée and I took a trip down to New Orleans (we were there on November 10th when Allen Toussaint died), and this mix has been percolating ever …
Originally created in August of 2009. Soundtrack for a cathartic road trip.
Rewatched the 2005 movie Elizabethtown for the first time in many years. Loved it. Here's a mix that could be part of Claire's DIY map for Drew- mostly acoustic gems. Songs for chilling or for that per …
An ode to a car. It expanded my world as I broadened my musical preferences.
I loved the "Guardians of the Galaxy" soundtrack, and after seeing "Mad Max: Fury Road," I decided to run with the idea of the "Guardians" soundtrack and make my own mix based on what I'd want to be st …
For Shane, who is helping me during a very rough time. October 2013.
Decided to make a mixtape only using songs under two and a half minutes long. I also tried to make the transitions between songs as jarring as possible just for the fuck of it. Turned out pretty well,  …
100! I made it. I decided to go all out and mix up genres and bands on this mix. Usually I put rock with rock and rap with rap but this time I'm changing it up. I wanted epic songs on this one to mark  …
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