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CD | Country
this mix is for my brother and his gal on their soon to be wedding. i imagined this mix as a record - side a is 1-5 and side b - 5-11. it picks up to dancing tempo on side b and is a little more goofy  …
CD | Hip Hop/Rap
for a couple of people. i haven't done a pure hip hop mix in a long time. not to i haven't enjoy'd the releases, just people i've been making mixes for recently don't listen to rap. which is a damn sha …
CD | Dance - Hardcore
for a mix trade. i focused mainly on new(er) bands as sorta a snapshot of what's going on now, that i'm liking, not as some grand epic statement about the state of the scene or any of that bullshit. th …
CD | Singer/Songwriter
for rojo in the 5th or 6th PFM mix trade. i imagined this mix as how a dance party c. 1937 would sound, some dance tunes (nothing to secualar, however) lots of praying and rejoycing and some slower son …
CD | Mixed Genre
for douglas. he likes music somtimes. i made this for his trip to the outerbeltway of Ohio,called Novi, Mi. it's like "hey i like some music that you can drive to" type thing. i really love the whole t …
CD | Theme
for colleen. another mix based around a childern's book. this time the book is about a dolphin who gets seperated from his family around venice (i'm not sure why the title is "who didn't see venice" be …
CD | Singer/Songwriter
for the con. this is an instrumental folk/blues mix - the sequel of sorts to an acapella mix (they i haven't finshed yet. with lead belly's moanin' being the transitional song.some of the other songs h …
CD | Dance - Hardcore
for tommy. and if you post this isn't hardcore you can go fuck yourself. there isn't reason to be so strict with calling music this or that. yea some of these bands aren't hardcore and some of them are …
CD | Mixed Genre
for boomom. she made me this mix before i left, ,but i missed the mailman and it got sent back. so this is me saying sorry about missing it. i wasn't sure what she liked so i made this it has a pretty  …
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