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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
Ok, here's the story; I have this friend who has listened to nothing but radio friendly pop music since she was a kid, now that she's in her early 20's she's starting to realize that she's missing out  …
CD | Theme - Depression
The second mix in a series of mixes I've made in the past week. This one seemed to take on a really depressed kind of mood, not sure if that's what I was really trying to make but I like the way it tur …
CD | Mixed Genre
It's been a few months since I last made a mix. I've made a few mixes in the past week since I actually had time to kick back and listen to some new cd's. Lately I've been working so much I rarely get  …

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Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
love it!
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
by jima
Cassette | Theme
gotta check out some of this stuff

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