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CD | Mixed Genre
So this little compilation heralds my return to the long-lost folds of this website. I don't know how many of the rabble I used to chat with most of the time is still around, but if you are, drop a lin …
CD | Mixed Genre
This mix is essentially a catch-all for a bunch of songs that I downloaded or uploaded over the past 2 months. This isn't meant to do anything or say anything but amuse me while I walk around the city. …
CD | Mixed Genre
Ah, it's good to be back. I made this CD back in November, but haven't gotten around to posting it 'til now. This is the 1st mix in a good long time that I didn't make for anyone but myself (though I w …

Dru's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Pop
Hell yes! I mean, hell yes! This cries out for some Iron Maiden, but who cares. Warrant? That alone makes this a bloody epic homage. Twisted Sister just brings it all together. Kudos for Metallica as w …
CD | Mixed Genre
Bloody brilliant idea indeed. Kudos for Layne + Shannon Hoon. I would've loved to see Andrew Wood (front man for the former Mother Love Bone) but hey, this is still brilliant. Excellent choices; a hear …
Cassette | Theme
"Is there anything I need to say that hasn't been said before? I've been alive for too long- why should I be anymore? Better now than never, better loud than clever, better just to play the fool. It's  …

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