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CD | Theme
in the not too distant future, (next sunday a.d.), jab, by way of the i.c.k time machine, finds himself sent back to his youth, 1993 to be exact, where he encounters his young 16 year old self. the wor …
CD | Mixed Genre
the week in review. highlights include, watching alot of star trek, working from home, uploading more comics onto comicspace.com/jab ::cough::, the ron and fez big ass bash, and finding a bunch of musi …
CD | Mixed Genre
very short and slightly sweetened, this is quite likely my very first impromptu mix, made and sent on the fly for Amara to listen to on her morning drive to work. i'm pretty sure she jumped the gun and …

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CD | Theme
anyone who makes mixes deliberately to aurally harrass their wife or anyone else is immediately put into a position of total admiration in my books lol
CD | Hip Hop/Rap
i want to see this movie. it would be the best documentary ever. amazing.
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
first of all, this is a mix for me, with just makes me super happy anyway. but, besides that, its just an amazing fucking mix. from the theme to the songs to the art to the flow (no pun intended), you  …

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