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for the way home from going to see h.h. a little cool out disc for the train ride home.
CD | Mixed Genre
for going to see h.h. tomorrow. a little wake me up for the old train ride.
CD | Mixed Genre
...baby universes. i wish i could fit that whole title, but oh well, i gotta learn to make em shorter. this one is for that one girl, as she heads off to school. nothing is certain. big jab props to ab …
CD | Mixed Genre
a mix for one of those girls that is one of those girls. the girls that fall into the category of possibly the one. a girl that has heart and cares about people and things, one that laughs at me drunke …
CD | Mixed Genre
for sheri (adeline), interst to the other mixes sent. there's lots of interest building that i owe, isnt there? never fear. anyways, i really like this mix. i think it may be my favorite of the cd ones …
CD | Mixed Genre
i have risen, healed and quick like a young mumra, but with less tatters and more stamps. the neck brace i rock is iced up and says "hi there". rar.
CD | Mixed Genre
whatsupwithat? rar.
CD | Single Artist
seeing fishbone sun/mon. the most ass-grabbin funkdeefeyyed nutt-knocking band in the soupy universe. it's been too long a wait since the last time. **ahem**
CD | Theme
with abi d. leaving aotm for a spell (sniff) i made this mix of all end songs, last songs on albums. the hardest part was figuring out which last song to put last. ha. **cough** anyway, sadness.
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