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CD | Theme - Narrative
Hours later, he got bored with playing spider solitaire and browsing his mp3 folder. He left the computer running and fell on his bed. He noted how late he must have stayed up as he closed his eyes, ho …
CD | Theme - Narrative
"Please, Tom-" "No. I'm busy." "Tom, he's acting creepy, I don't-" "That's what you said about the last two guys, Kat. I'm tired of getting egg on my face." "Tom, this is serious! I-" "How many times a …
CD | Theme - Narrative
"Okay, Carrie, why are you smirking like that?" "Well, if you must know, I just escaped from the mistaken notion that there are three atheists in this room. Turns out there's only one." "What, you and  …

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CD | Mixed Genre
Best mix trade yet. Very consistent, with only a few (not horrible) low points.
CD | Mixed Genre
Best mix trade yet. Very strong beginning, well-done ending, a Morrissey song I actually like (lyrics aside), and only a couple songs that don't quite measure up.
CD | Theme
Great concept: Seven Deadly Sins

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