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it's ok to just drive away
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Cassette | Theme
for El because it was snowing and she looked like she wanted a tape. (because you can really tell that people want a tape by looking at them ?? )
Cassette | Theme
this tape kicks my ass three times over and is still ready for more. makes me move and groove and dance like an idiot. what better way to feel than that? side a is subtitled "sunshine on my shoulder ma …
CD | Mixed Genre
mmm i chose mixed genre, for lack of a better option.. there needs to be an "upbeat" category... or maybe happy.. cause this is just a really happy groovy kinda mix, that's great for dancing around the …

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Cassette | Theme
beautiful... memories are stronger than aches..
Cassette | Mixed Genre
great... two girls
by tagny
CD | Theme - Depression
This is really beautiful.. I think I'll have to hunt them all down and make one for myself...

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