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Playlist | Mixed Genre
First mix I've submitted here in a LONG time. Feels like home to me. Lots of shit that has been rocking my world the last month or so.
CD | Mixed Genre
I've been sitting on this one FOREVER, y'all. Lots of stuff that's been in heavy rotation for me over the past few months. Mainly, "Talk of the Town", which I've heard many, many times in the past but  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Man, I've had a helluva t1me submitting this one. Site being wonky, as usual and kinda busy this week. But here it is. No "set" theme, yet there's still kind of a theme. I dunno...it sounds pretty good …

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CD | Mixed Genre
Incredible mix. The stretch from !!!->de la soul is truly awe-inspiring. Mixes like this make me strive to take my own stuff to this level. Fantastic.
CD | Mixed Genre
Well, I've already raved about this a couple of times in the comments section of the mix, so I figured it deserved to be in with my other favorites. Great mix and one I find myself pulling out at least …
CD | Mixed Genre
I had a feeling that I would really dig this mix when I heard it and I was right. Extremely groovy stuff and lots of tracks that I've never heard, but have been wanting to hear. Just great picks and in …

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