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Playlist | Mixed Genre
First mix I've submitted here in a LONG time. Feels like home to me. Lots of shit that has been rocking my world the last month or so.
CD | Mixed Genre
I've been sitting on this one FOREVER, y'all. Lots of stuff that's been in heavy rotation for me over the past few months. Mainly, "Talk of the Town", which I've heard many, many times in the past but  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Man, I've had a helluva t1me submitting this one. Site being wonky, as usual and kinda busy this week. But here it is. No "set" theme, yet there's still kind of a theme. I dunno...it sounds pretty good …
CD | Mixed Genre
Figured I would try and dip my toes back in the water over here with this effort. Mostly stuff that's been in heavy rotation for me over the last couple of months. Super-psyched about the Replacements  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Some of y'all knew this one was comin'. It started with listening to The Black Angels "Snake in the Grass" one night and realizing that it has almost the exact same drum beat as Kyuss' "Demon Cleaner"  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Hey, now that the site is *hopefully* functional again, maybe I'll start posting mixes at a semi-regular rate. Stranger things have happened. Anyways...this one's kinda fun. Lots of recent favorite jam …
CD | Mixed Genre
Is this thing on? Cautiously dipping my toe back in the waters here. Hopefully, all the bad shit will stay away for good. As '80s hair-metal poofters, Cinderella once said, "You don't know what you've  …
CD | Mixed Genre
So...here's a new one. Kind of a combo of a FTHOI (tm. Rob Conroy) and a "movin' on" mix in certain parts. At some point, ya gotta get on with your life, something just recently realized by yrs truly.  …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Whoa, two in one day. Crazy stuff. A double disc monster (1 hour per disc) specially designed for the Dead Man, if he so desires. Uploads will happen either overnight or later on in the week.
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