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Playlist | Mixed Genre
My Fall 2009 mix - just a collection of nice tunes for driving through the hills of New England on a beautiful, sunny Autumn day.
CD | Theme
This is a mix I've thought about doing for a long, long time - the Threesome Mix. Ever since I heard "Three Days," I wanted to put this together, but I never imagined I'd find enough songs to fill a CD …
MP3 Playlist | Theme
A friend and I have been trading mix challenges back and forth recently. One person offers a title or theme, and the other supplies the mix (and a new challenge). This was the first theme; I chose to g …
CD | Mixed Genre
Ah, it's finally warm in Boston. Very pleasant, in fact. I've been working on this mix for ages, tweaking and smoothing it, but couldn't get it just right until today. Somehow I'd never heard the openi …
CD | Theme
My adopted hometown of Somerville, MA recently passed a smoking ban (following Boston & Cambridge) covering bars & restaurants. The effect has been crippling, and those of us with interests (business o …
CD | Mixed Genre
The first mix to be reaped from my new iPod addiction. I've been tweaking it for weeks, adding & switching tracks; I now declare it TEH BOMB. Slick segues and surprises around every corner. I haven't b …
CD | Mixed Genre
The cold is Boston is *really* getting to me now. So very, very bleak. This is just a little mix to match the vibe, sitting inside by the fireplace, wishing it was even remotely warm enough to go somew …
CD | Mixed Genre
A little mix I whipped up for listening to while driving the cab, stuff that gives me the energy to carry through those 2-3 a.m. dead hours.
CD | Theme - Depression
Words fail me. This sucks.
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