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CD | Mixed Genre
There might be repeats and I don't give a shit dawg! Summer time and the living's stupid. I mean gnarly. Went to a show last night, had ridiculously sitcom-y interactions with attractive ladies. Title  …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
The first one was such a hit there had to be a sequel! By hit I mean the exact opposite! So instead of trying to construct something deep and meaningful I tried to construct something shallow and meani …
CD | Theme
25 years old, very poor, experiencing a crush you should get out of your s-ystem when you are in high school, keeping it low down, dirty, and useless since 2002. Historiography, married women, an anti- …

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CD | Singer/Songwriter
this is one fantabulous beautifully rendered multi textured bombdiggity neat-o mixes i've ever heard. indeed, it rocks me to russia. or the the united kingdom, as it were. huzzah for gerard!

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