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CD | Mixed Genre
There might be repeats and I don't give a shit dawg! Summer time and the living's stupid. I mean gnarly. Went to a show last night, had ridiculously sitcom-y interactions with attractive ladies. Title  …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
The first one was such a hit there had to be a sequel! By hit I mean the exact opposite! So instead of trying to construct something deep and meaningful I tried to construct something shallow and meani …
CD | Theme
25 years old, very poor, experiencing a crush you should get out of your s-ystem when you are in high school, keeping it low down, dirty, and useless since 2002. Historiography, married women, an anti- …
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
Comments: "What is ? The question awakens expectations of a discussion about . This we will forgo. Instead we will take up a particular question. In  …
CD | Mixed Genre
A well thought out mix...psyche! 6 years. My god.
CD | Alternative - Punk
31) The Ex- Frenzy ANYWAY. I will never fucking graduate college. for gregzies, who hates punk rawk. from me, who hates gregzies.
CD | Mixed Genre
Just for fun. Everything is cool. Go Barack.
CD | Mixed Genre
Extra Extra, Read All About It! Professor Poserlad posts yet another mix, full story on Page 12! Notes: Just some goddamn rock n roll, alright, some new, some old. That is the "Return the Gift" version …
CD | Mixed Genre
Well, it is what it is, I won't lie. The State Of The Union was a fucking heinous display of empty rhetoric, broken promises, and false declarations of future reform. Motherfucker needs to get got.
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