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A sizeable but by no means complete selection of songs that wound up sampled in the Beastie Boys' "Paul's Boutique" album, with a bias towards the more obscure stuff (hence no "Superfly", "Theme From P …
CD | Mixed Genre
Old favorites and recent revelations, somehow connecting glam-hair-metal with glitch funk and tying it all together in some newfangled contraption. The 14th floor is really the 13th under a different n …
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Because there's just too many great car songs out there to fill just one volume (or even two -- next volume I definitely gotta get some of that "Jesus Built My Hotrod" and "Little Red Corvette" action  …

Patrin's Last Three Favorite Mixes

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I'm amazed that such a mix is possible, but... well, just look at it.
by teap!n
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Rock and roll is FILTH! Sort of.

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