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Cassette | Theme
I am not at all religious yet I seem to love religious music like Pedro the Lion and the Danielson Famile, but I really adore religious classical music. Here is a compilation I made of some of my favor …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Another cut-n-paste mix where no song gets to play completely. Side A includes changes in record speed, accidental skipping records, and lots of bits shoved together as if on a crowded bus. Side B is a …
CD | Theme
A compilation of some of my favorite songs and pieces of music from the films of David Lynch. 1 is from Eraserhead, 2 is from Dune, 3-7 are from Blue Velvet, 8 and 9 are from Twin Peaks the television  …

Paquette's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Mixed Genre
This mix hits the nail on the fucking head. Clang!
Cassette | Mixed Genre
A simply stunning level of mix tape obsessiveness. I love mixes tha require months of planning and tell a story of sorts. Also, a wide array of musicians and genres is always fun.
by Steele
CD | Hip Hop/Rap
A huge helping of the beats. Any mix with the ghetto boys gets my seal of approval.

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