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CD | Theme
I have a very intimate relationship, almost symbiotic, with alcohol. What was originally intended as a fun mix about booze rapidly started to sound like a soundtrack for an intervention... (first of 4  …
MP3 Playlist | Dance - House
Here's a live slice out of a long nite mixing (this hit at 1AM)uptempo fun beats with a little Norteno element mixed in...went for that turntablism sound...
CD | Theme
The sounds of weeping steel guitars, banjos, mandolins, fiddles and the like. Acoustic and electric. Rocked up and countrified covers. Revved up and laid back, Saturday nite on rockytop smoking endo an …
CD | Mixed Genre
78 minute continous mix. avg 124 bpm
CD | Dance - House
A friend of mine is a yacht captain and his owner had some very special guests cruising with them today. He asked me to put something together for them last minute. So in addition to a few working mixe …
CD | Blues - Classic Blues
I've found the bulk of music reviews seem to rely heavily on creative writing classes the reviewers had taken in college. They present a lengthy piece on an album with heavy thesaurus influence, but yo …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
It all started with track 8 a web vidthat was annoying yet infectious.Click the link to play video (5mb file so very slow on dialup) I ran across it accidentally and didn't realize it was playing in a  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Another continuous mix assortment of hip hop, house, acid jazz, big beat and FUNK. The title of course is from track 7. (One of my all time favorites to hear George Clinton perform live) This is the fu …
CD | Mixed Genre
another continuous mix...featuring worldbeat, hip-hop, big beat and house...for my brother who is into goldfish...
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