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CD | Mixed Genre
11th annual compilation of stuff to share from the past year. Never heard of The Funk Brothers? Neither had I, but we've all heard their music many times. Go rent the excellent documentary "Standing in …
CD | Singer/Songwriter
10th annual what-I-discovered-this-year mix, a year late. (My daughter was born, and I never got around to completing this mix until now.) Aforementioned daughter's name is Cassia, which means cinnamon …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
9th annual here's-what-I-found-this-year mix. There's also a CD version that's shorter; the "bonus tracks" on the cassette are the last 2 songs on side one and the last 4 songs on side two.

Rambler's Last Three Favorite Mixes

Cassette | Theme
I do like this particular mix (Shooglenifty, EFO, Dar, Muppets, Dry Branch Fire Squad, Fruvous!), but I could've chosen just about any one of hers -- they're great!
by Moe
CD | Mixed Genre
a fine example of the "un-cover" concept (I'm working on one myself)
CD | Mixed Genre
Check out her other mixes too -- there's good stuff there. (This particular mix picked semi-aribrarily just to have a link to her list of mixes.)

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