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Cassette | Theme
turn off the lights and absolutely freak the fuck out. songs that, by my own approximation, represent pure terror and absolute evil. the aim of course is to incite nightmares. naturally the selected tr …
CD | Mixed Genre
A random mix I made. After some thought, I dedicated it to, the chatty aunt of MetaFilter. The mix is available to download here if you'd like it too:
CD | Theme
For my lovely lover. The usual suspects.
CD | Mixed Genre
Not exactly a break-up album, but sort of. The relationship shouldn't have ended the way it did, but it did, and we both think it was pretty stupid. What can you do though? This is for her.
CD | Theme - Sleep
Completely random. Not at all where I was going but what can you do? Every once in a while, you make a themed (sort of...) mix without even meaning to.
CD | Mixed Genre
A mix for a person. Nothing more.
CD | Mixed Genre
I wouldn't say these are songs to have sex to, but I did and it wasn't so bad.
CD | Mixed Genre
For Emily. You taught me how to love and live. You also gave me lots of money to make sure I didn't get evicted. And now you're leaving and all I can give you is this.