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Cassette | Dance - House
A minuscule testament to my ongoing fascination with 70s and 80s disco and club music (although one of the tracks featured here stems from the early 90s), a genre wrongly and stupidly dismissed as dull …
CD | Mixed Genre
Rather self-explanatory, I guess.
CD | Mixed Genre
A few years ago, I translated a book by James Ellroy called "Hollywood Nocturnes" which, among other stories, featured the novella "Dick Contino's Blues", in which JE spins a fictitious yarn about the  …

Thomas_Mohr's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Theme - Narrative
erotic, enticing & electrifying, this creamy concotion gets the groove (and all kinds of other)juices flowing in no time and makes you crave for more more more, indeed. 3 words: aural honey f*ck.
by valis
CD | Pop
An extraordinary array of neo-psychedelia. You can't die a happy wo/man without having heard, say, the Virgineers' enticing "Dr. Glouster" at least 247 times. And, lo andf behold, the rest of it is jus …
by valis
CD | Theme
Exhaustive, educational and thoruoghly entertaining. You won't find a better introduction to the use of that twang thang from India in Western pop music than this. Every home should have one!

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