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CD | Single Artist
There are many bands that don't get enough credit: This one is my favorite.
CD | Pop
When I was a kid, I remember listening diligently to the B-sides of my 45s, reasoning that you got better bang for your Top 40 buck. The title also comes from one of my fave B.O.C. songs. A keeper!
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Doesn't this guy have great taste?!?
by Moe
Cassette | Theme
A few of my all-time fave acts are shoe-gazers: Ride, MBV and Swervedriver, to name three. Of course, I wish they'd thought of a catchier phrase for the genre, like "spufff" or "wobba". Also, mad props to Ion Moe for being the first bloke to welcome me to the site. Kittycraft is on the way!
Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
Good n' noisy.
by CBlaze
Cassette | Mixed Genre
This mix makes me wish I owned more music, and I own a lot, already! It reflects dozens of different moods, from contemplation to chaos. I was drawn in by the loud stuff, and that makes the soft pieces all the better. A real thrill ride!