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A hostess gift for my favorite frien.d here in Cabo, the inimitably well-heeled and musically-clued in, Denise. She had us all over for Christmas, and I wanted to give her a Christmas mix with a ble.nd …
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This was a mix I made as a Christmas present this year for my HUSBAND. Husband! Yes, I got hitched in November to the man who has been with me for 3 years now, and today we are living in Mexico after a …
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A mix for a conservative Republican who loves mojitos, fine dining, golf and Palm Beach. (And he's only twenty!) Title is from the Desparecidos track, which doubles as a thinly-veiled poke at his wealt …

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CD | Theme - Road Trip
A lot of all time favorites here.
by torgar
CD | Theme - Break Up

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