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Cassette | Theme - Narrative
This is the second mix tape I was able to make yesterday...obvious repeats from other mixes, but I'm keeping it just for me, so what're you gonna' do?
Cassette | Theme
Well, this is one of the two mixes I made yesterday and probably the last one I'll be able to make for a few weeks, with moving back to school and my computer being busy sucking. I don't know if this i …
CD | Mixed Genre
A mix for a trade with The Automatic Bzooty Crew, it turned out different than I had expected. After being stranded without a large part of my music for over a week, a lot of this is the stuff I couldn …
Cassette | Single Artist
I never noticed until I started posting mixes how many single artist tapes I do for my friends. This one's for a buddy of mine who makes for a great listener in that he'll at least give just about anyt …
Cassette | Single Artist
God knows that there are enough Beatles mixes on this site to make even the most devoute fan sick, but I've been stranded without most of my music for the past few days, and I found this old mix tape I …
Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
I know this isn't a typical Road mix, but this was originally made for the middle of the night/early morning on a 20 some hour road trip (packed in a van with 10 other people). There are one or two rep …
Cassette | Theme - Depression
I started out just wanting a melencholy mix, but when I realized most of my picks were last tracks, I just grabbed a few cds that were near me and filled up the rest of the slots with other last tracks …
CD | Theme
While some of the classifications are a little loose (Needle In The Hay isn't exactly brand new), it came out suprisingly well. If someone actually knows all the borrowed, I'm impressed.
CD | Mixed Genre
Just a mix to make it through the day...
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