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false pride records. a coming soon record label
these guys are hella cool.
this is the greatest label.

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Cassette | Mixed Genre
at this point I've givin in to the fact that I don't have a lot of cds, or the means to make new cds. but I really like my music that I have. and I've been trying to make a few good mixes out of my pos …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
the cover is a comic by "Horacek". it's a six panel really funny cartoon that has a picture of the main girl staring at a toaster and she says 1st panel: "here I am again- waiting for the toast to pop  …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Naturally this is for a girl that I really really like, and i would marry if she asked me, but I would never have the courage to ask her. I can barely even ask her out. anyways. I guess this is a "we m …

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