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CD | Alternative - Punk
A collection of obscure and under-heard, under-appreciated punk tracks, old and new. I'm still fine-tuning the track order, and might even add a few more songs...I don't know.
CD | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Alternative - Punk
Side A = The Clash (UK Edition), 1977 Side B = The Strike - Shots Heard Round the World, 1999 Played this tape constantly in my car when I was 16/17. The Strike is one of the finest punk bands I've com …
CD | Pop
Just a fun little mix about songs with girls' names in them. This is what I have so far. There's no real order to this.
CD | Theme - Narrative
A bit of a prequel to "Fear and Loathing in Milwaukee" - this night occured two weeks earlier. All the characters and key players were the same, except for Ryan. This time, though, we did have booze to …
CD | Pop
These are all songs I heard 349535608 times on the radio as a little guy growing up in the nineties. I figure half of that time must of been spent driving in my mom's car, going in and out of stores, a …
CD | Single Artist
A companion to the "Rolling Stones 1968-1972" collection I posted earlier. I made this compilation primarily for playing in my car, which is why all the songs here are driving rockers. Hence my reason  …
CD | Pop
In no particular order, a list of songs that defined my first year of college; from living in the city to girls to partying, it's all there.
CD | Theme - Narrative
Mental soundtrack to a disastrous night that happened last month. It was Thursday. My friend Ryan had stayed over the night before, but was going to come back up to UWM to party. My friends Becca and A …
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