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CD | Mixed Genre
Good evening everybody, this is your captain speaking. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you aboard Bartlett International airlines. I think you will find your trip a pleasant change fro …
CD | Jazz - Avant-Garde Jazz
I must apologize for my absence, I know I've missed some great mixes. Just too much to do I guess, I have to get caught up. On Wed. March 26th at 6:30 pm EST. I will be a guest on the amazing Psychedel …
CD | Jazz
Many years ago, after college...or maybe before....could have been in between's all such a smokey purple haze now, Skipper roamed the bohemian centres of the world searching for his muse. Fr …
CD | Theme
This life'll kill me yet. I was away for awhile but now I'm back. I hope everybody had great and joyous holidays. I know I missed alot of really good mixes in the last few weeks. I'll have to start dig …
CD | Theme
Every family has their own strange customs when it comes to celebrating the holidays, whichever holidays you celebrate. For the Bartlett family, Christmas eve was a tense, fearful affair. After the fir …
CD | Theme
Melting into the soft fuschia embrace of an Omni couch, poolside at the Semiramis Hotel in Athens , Greece. Nursing a hangover with a little hair of the dog in the form of Campari and soda 50/50 and a  …
CD | Pop
A little tribute to my friends in the old barrio. A little something to blast in the lowrider on the way to the Dfa De Los Muertos celebrations. The idea started as a Chicano rock and funk mix but I re …
CD | Dance - House
Fun, Fun night with DJ Capybara aka Skipper Bartlett at the Jane Bond.
CD | Theme
Further adventures into the soupy haze.... Skippers Adventures In Love is now availiable to download , and that makes all of them to date. Enjoy!
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