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Thirty-something, gay, a sucker for acoustic guitars.

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More than a little sappy, but I really don't give a flying eff. That's all I'm going to say about that. Clearly, I am a giddy thing. Title from the Jason Mraz track, which is a cover of a Bright Eyes s …
CD | Theme - Narrative
This mix totally appears random at first glance, but there is a thread connecting all of it, I promise. I just turned thirty, and this mix is an explanation of why I've been such a headcase the last fe …
CD | Theme - Romantic
Title from the ranty bit in the Los Campesinos! track. A mix for my sweetie. Do you think he'll get that I'm crazy about him? Or should I perhaps have been a bit more obvious? *laugh* A few more notes: …

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I am *so* making myself a copy of this.

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