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My mixes include tapes I made in the early 90s as well as iTunes mixes I'm making today.

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Cassette | Alternative - College Rock
Created in the fall of 1991, as far as I can tell, not long after the release of the Pixies' "Trompe le Monde."
Playlist | Mixed Genre
I completed something other than regret, my 33rd mix in the modern era, on the 10th of November, and it’s all over the map, but with some pretty strong thematic material running through as well. I espe …
Playlist | Alternative - College Rock
I wasn't expecting to do another mix so soon after the last one (the business), but this one was kicking around for a while. As always, I was throwing songs I liked to listen to into a temporary playli …
Playlist | Mixed Genre
Made in the fall of 1989. Very early juvenilia. I remember listening to it on the bus trip from Newport News to DC for the senior class trip. One can judge the relative dearth of my CD collection by th …
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
Did you ever notice how many songs there are about the music business itself? I think the popular music industry is possibly even more self-referential than the newspaper industry (though not nearly as …
Playlist | Theme - Alternating DJ
The subtheme of this mix is in the second song: "It's getting better all the time (can't get no worse!)." So there's some party time stuff, both benign and wild; some funny tracks (I dare you to listen …
Playlist | Mixed Genre
The aftermath of a big flood feels like the right time to publish my first mix in about six months. Happy time is one part of a two part mix. This time, I might not ever get around to part two, because …
Playlist | Theme
Created back in June but uploading now. This didn't turn out to be a mix of women artists, but I'm glad it turned out that way. Finally got around to discovering Kate Bush, the new PJ Harvey collaborat …
Playlist | Mixed Genre
Just a good strong collection of songs, this one was put together 15 February 2009 but just now posted. The Freakwater cut is a Loudon Wainwright cover. The Steinski mix is part of a 70 minute mixtape; …
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