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Track 10 from "Friday Night Lights Original Music." Tracks 1 and 6 from "How Strange, Innocence." Tracks 3 and 5 from "The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place." Tracks 2, 4, 7 and 9 are from "Those Who Tell …
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Pinback catches a lot of flack for "not changing their sound" and to some degree I can see their point. But it's irrelevant to my enjoyment of their catalog, as it should be to anyone. The other Pinbac …
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There are several Bright Eyes compilations in the Art of the Mix archive. Most of these mixes, however, rely heavily on either educating others about Bright Eyes, or to serve only as a list for self-gr …

NickTwisp's Last Three Favorite Mixes

by jamers
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