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The Theme of This Mix: Songs that Really Aren't that Great, but Which have AWESOME Titles. Like what Westerberg says in the liner notes to "Sorry Ma, Forgot the Take Out the Trash" about 'Shiftless Whe …
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Is Elephant 6 an actual label or just a "collective?"Two Tone: "Hey, you guys, I wanna play too!"SubPop: "Piss off, neo-ska sissy-boy."4AD: "Be nice, SubPop."SubPop: *pummels 4AD*4AD: *dies*SubPop: *ac …
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For my friend Lorna who is enjoying her time at art school. And who cracks up every time I say the title of this mix. She considers herself my apprentice Rock Snob, but I imagine she's about ready to g …

Mishkina's Last Three Favorite Mixes

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