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CD | Single Artist
well a quick collection of oasis songs. not very well mixed, and by no means my favourites; 'live forever' is missing, for instance, but i've heard it loads of times already. i think the masterplan is  …
CD | Pop
Basically this is a mix of songs from CDs that I hardly listen to, for various reasons. Some notes: 1 is a song exclusively composed for some Aussie film, picked it for $1 at a used store; 4 and 15 are …
CD | Mixed Genre
hits the wall, a wasted opportunity.
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
thank you, mp3 blogs.
CD | Pop
stuff i got off the net and need to listen to. choice of 11 probably needs me to get my flak jacket out though.
CD | Mixed Genre
A mix that doesn't really flow, despite my best efforts, so let's just call it a collection of tunes. The Obs are a local (Singapore) band that are pretty can hear some short samples of …
CD | Pop
better late than never. am well aware #3 is technically 2003, but humour me. no smarmy u2 comments. my pick for song of the year? 'your cover's blown'.
CD | Pop
pop/rock for elvis12. nothing groundbreaking here folks. step aside, step aside, step aside.
CD | Single Artist
Sure they made silly, childish comments. Sure, their music sounded like 'Bon Jovi with angst' (as some punter put it) at times. Sure, the whole Cult of Richey thing is way out of hand. But above all, t …
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