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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
Here I am posting my birthday mix, 16 days late!!! Yikes. My first mix since I moved; nearly a year in the new town and I am still not settled. In fact this mix almost didn't happen, which would have b …
CD | Mixed Genre
A mix for my fiancee (and to our space heroine, Anya who is lost in space) because our star is in Cygnus. I am really pleased with the art and the flow on this one also the fact that I found a lot of g …
CD | Mixed Genre
Made to celebrate my birthday, on the tenth. Possibly one of my better flowing compilations and I was even able to stick to my traditional birthday mix guidelines: songs that marked a personal event, s …

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Cassette | Single Artist
Ditto Pulmotor.
CD | Mixed Genre
Wow, this is pretty diverse. DJ Shad/Theory corp and Robert Palmer? But I see how it works together well! BTW I love that cover picture.
CD | Mixed Genre
I am flattered.

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