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I would like to make new friends and share my music interests with like minded music lovers!I also would like to do a mix trade with anyone who is interested in do a mix trade via mail.Trish

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Playlist | Theme
Some of the coolest songs of the 80s!
Playlist | Pop
A friend put some of my 45s of CD for me.
Playlist | Theme - Romantic
A great mix to make out to or get engaged..or BOTH!
Playlist | Mixed Genre
My friend Eric who owns a surf shop gave me a few stickers with a cool design.I cut out the designand used it as cover art for a mix I made him!Think he'll like it?
Playlist | Jazz
As I was searching through my late Dads music collection I found a mix I made him in 2005.Originally it was burned with the Musicmatch program which has since been bought out by yahoo.hmm Some complain …
Playlist | Theme
Grab your bags and your passport and go on a journey..a musical journey!
Playlist | Theme
Ive Seen some girl mixes on here so heres my salute to girl grooves!
Cassette | Mixed Genre
I found this tape while cleaning my room!It was made on a Maxell 100 minute cassette.Maxell is a great maker of cassettes and CDrs too!(a little plug there!)
Playlist | Inspirational
For My friends Tyler and Joan who have a deep faith!
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