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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
You guessed it... another mix I did for Mr. 53. I did the last two as a two disc package in one day over a few hours, which is remarkable for me.
CD | Mixed Genre
Anudda Mix for Duardo. www.myspace.com/mr53 Anti-show Eating for fun Running regularly Eating healthily Songs cut short It isn't paying the bills anymore It doesn't How much I have missed you Why don't …
CD | Electronic - Ambient
I'll give this to Edward He's a real talented chap. Used to be best friends in primary school and didn't meet again until last year. Would love to trade. You like to talk about love in terms of digital …
Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
A mix of mostly epitonic.com picks. One of my favourite websites the last few months.
CD | Theme - Road Trip
Rain king - reckless driving at midnight, then 6am. Watch Song- Rock's not dead(?) The Kill - Slick new find my sister's boyfriend showed me Green Grass of Tunnel - post..something Undertow - saw R.E.M …
CD | Theme - Sleep
Gonzo endings courtesy of Mogwai, Queens & the latter Sonic Youth tracks. A few culls from All Tomorrow's Parties 2.0. I wanted the transition from With Portfolio to I Only Said to be instant but there …
CD | Pop
This one's in exchange for a Modest Mouse CD (and bonus Vaselines CD I didn't like) Laura sent to me. Plenty of old guard choices but I really wanted to make sure she heard those songs. She hadn't hear …
CD | Theme - Romantic
This is a mix for Tricia. Some music I like, some music I hope she'll like. Let's see how it goes I suppose. I'm on my way to her house now with this CD. Sorry about the choice of Iron & Wine songs, it …
CD | Mixed Genre
Made for a new friend I made, Tom, at university. He gave me a CD of stuff and a copy Jim o' Rourke's 'Happy Days'. I hope he likes it. Photograph just happened. My mom threw away some flowers and no-o …
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