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CD | Theme - Depression
Not a depression mix as such, more sadness. Not all the songs are particularly sad but a rule of thumb for me is that my favourite songs are sad. This will be living in my car, I passed my test a month …
CD | Electronic - Ambient
This was a mix a friend of mine gave me in the early part of this year. He'd promised to do one for a while and gave it to me on a night out with my girlfriend and co. I find it very hard to listen to. …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
This tape was made for a dude I don't speak to a lot anymore. The third song on the first half was Incubus, but I knew he wouldn't like it. I still left it on but now, I would probably have put crowded …
Cassette | Single Artist
These are fruits of a sort of rut (though not in a bad way) I was in of listening to no-one except R.E.M. I would have included E-Bow the letter At my most beautiful Let me in Nightswimming. However I' …
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