SueEW's Mixes

CD | Mixed Genre
A mix for Clare, who works down the street from me in a bakery that makes the best sourdough bread. I made her this mix, as, when I met her, she was playing Red House Painters in the shop, and I though …
CD | Theme
A Psych mix, 60's psych, neo psych, etc. I thought about making a mix like this a few times over the last few months, but it finally came about when hearing "the red telephone" back to back with "wolf  …
CD | Pop
mix for a livejournal friend in canada. she's getting a perth (mostly) & other australia (tks 19 & 21) artists mix so she can be "in the know" on the perth/aussie scene over the past 10 yrs or so. (ps  …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
2 CD SET. mix for ten speed greg, who i think was impressed with my music knowledge (little does he know about me!) i tried to give him a roundup of stuff from my collection he may not be that familiar …
Cassette | Pop
A 2 cd mix for Steph. The other night she told me she loved the new Interpol cd, and how she came into liking them. It turns out, someone I know introduced her to them. The conversation went on to othe …
CD | Pop
A very, very POP mix, for a change (hahah!) New stuff, old stuff, etc. Features the brand spanking new single by The Bank Holidays who had their cd release this past weekend. All's I have to say is: br …
CD | Mixed Genre
for lucas mayhew in vic.
CD | Mixed Genre
question: what do you do when a new boyfriend asks you to make him a mix tape (cd)? answer: you stall him for time. then, when you think the time is right, you make it. this is it.
CD | Mixed Genre
Finally, a mix for Rob Conroy. Had a conversation with someone the other night, about how hard it's been lately to make mixes for other people. We both agreed that due to our ever expanding collections …
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