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It feels strange to be making an optimistic political mix -- & I do know all the arguments for cynicism, believe me -- but for us here in the States, this might just be our only chance in this lifetime …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
Before the Twist , there was the MAMBO , a dance craze that swept the nation back in the day when dance crazes swept the nation. In the hope of re-launching that same dance craze again this summer, th …
CD | Singer/Songwriter
What's the strangest, most foreign place you've ever been? If you're French, maybe Guatemala; if you're American, probably Canada. But have you ever been to . . . 1928??!! Okay, some of these things a …

joey de vivre's Last Three Favorite Mixes

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What is it about 2004 that's so reminiscent of the 60's? Oh yeah, another pointless unnecessary military slaughter. But at least the music doesn't die . . .
by Emma12
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