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CD | Theme
slsk user roquesantacruz12 created these criteria for a themed mix. || 1 . a live recording in your hometown or close to it| books as furniture, the paperbacks.| winnipeg, manitoba. not released.|| 2 . …
CD | Theme
1. A song from the last record you bought 2. A blues: not a necessarily a blues record but a song that is labelled (something) blues 3. A song that gets you going in the morning 4. A song that you thin …
CD | Mixed Genre
mix for an ex-gf now friend, just to catch up and let her know what i have been listening to lately.

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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Flows really well, nice range of artists, great artwork. Treats all of the senses :)
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
One of my fave mixes to listen to on my walkman. Rock
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
Yet another one of my faves!

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