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CD | Single Artist
My favorite 80 minutes from an artist whose work I've just begun to appreciate over the past couple of years (thanks, Mark P). I realize that he recorded many fine songs after the first four albums rep …
CD | Theme
My favorite songs from my 15 favorite releases of 2008 (which was a pretty consistently cool year for music). Most of these have appeared on mixes of mine throughout the year, so there shouldn't be man …
CD | Mixed Genre
For the Hell of It (TM). Kind of an extension of my last mixed-genre mix, but a little more unsettling. Thanks to lo-fi for the Gunslingers. Title by Mr. Bob Hoag of the Go Reflex.

Rob Conroy's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Mixed Genre
A super-punchy outing from one of my favorite mixers and favorite human being on the planet. I absolutely adore this one, as it's pretty much right up my proverbial alley.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
One of the most uniquely personal and musically fulfilling mixes that I've ever heard.
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock

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