My mind can feel - A John Lennon Mix for Valentine's Day

Artist Song
lennon  love (acoustic demo) 
lennon  love 
lennon  jealous guy 
lennon  oh my love 
lennon  oh yoko 
lennon  mind games 
lennon  out the blue 
lennon  you are here 
lennon  No. 9 dream 
lennon  nobody loves you when you're down and out 
lennon  stand by me 
lennon  just like starting over 
lennon  i'm losing you (demo) 
lennon  woman 
lennon  dear yoko (acoustic demo) 
lennon  grow old with me (flowery paul arrangement over lennon's demo - bah!) 
lennon  real love (acoustic demo) 
lennon  real love (piano demo) 


love songs to yoko in chronological order.. from simple "love" to "real love," (the demos at the end that he was holding in his hand as he was shot..)

ps. i oftentimes prefer demos of lennon's, as they are more "real"
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Date: 2/8/2006
not a big beatles fan but this is the best mix of lennon songs that ive seen on this websire
Date: 2/9/2006
It would be better for all concerned if I avoided commenting on this entertaining Lennon mix -- Ooops -- too late.
Date: 2/9/2006
it's ok at least you had the courtesy to apologise last time. hee!