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The Shape of the Enthusiast - Initial Reaction/Unnatural Attraction

Side A
Artist Song
Monty Python  Not This Record - 1973 
Man...Or Astroman?  Mr. Goodchoices Meat Packing Accident - 1996 
Mr. Bungle  Platypus - 1995 
Eugene Chadbourne  Skip A Rope - 1986 
Minimal Man  Voice Of Vacaville - 1986 
William S. Burroughs  Words Of Advice For Young People (Mutais - Mutandis - Lemers - Lemers In The Mist - Interzone Mix) - 1993 
William S. Burroughs  Warning To Young Couples (Huntsmen's Hounds) - 1993 
Brainticket  Brainticket Pt. 2 - 1971 
The Legendary Pink Dots  Sleezo - 1983 
Side B
Butthole Surfers  Intro To Sweatloaf - 1987 
Eugene Chadbourne  Devil On The Radio - 1986 
Daniel Johnston  Don't Play Cards With Satan - 1985 
Minimal Man  Face of Satan - 1987 
Clock DVA  Black Angels Death Song - 1983 
XTC  Heaven Is Paved With Broken Glass - 1982 
UK Squeeze  Hesitation (Rool Britannia) - 1978 
The Chameleons  Singing Rule Britannia (While The Walls Close In) - 1985 
Negativland  Perfect Scrambled Eggs - 1987 
Butthole Surfers  Boiled Dove - 1985 
Meat Beat Manifesto  Mister President - 1988 


A tape I made for a DJ named Beth. I was a big fan of her radio show and called in on a regular basis and ended up trading mixes. Another tape not meant for mental health or heavy drugs. PLAY VERY LOUD!!!
Of course, thanks for looking.


Date: 3/3/2006
XTC...the greatest British band of the last 25 years, probably. Unfamiliar with most of the stuff on side 1 but enjoy Clock DVA and Butthole Surfers on side 2.
Date: 3/4/2006
Oh, this is really neat and the Eugene tracks are extremely nice to see. You got the Eye of Fatima.
Date: 3/4/2006
You're officially a freak! Glad to see Mr. Bungle make an appearance!
Date: 3/16/2006
Good shit, all the way around. Proud to know this exists.