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Not Intended For Your Pleasure - Depraved Listening/Intended To Disturb

Side A
Artist Song
Monty Python  Not This Record - 1973 
Chrome  3rd From The Sun 
The Legendary Pink Dots  Saucers Over Chicago (Live At The Metro, Chicago on 11/11/1998) 
The Jimi Hendrix Experience  Third Stone From The Sun 
Public Image Ltd.  Four Enclosed Walls 
Virgin Prunes  Theme For Thought 
The Creatures  Inoa'ole 
The Glove  Relax 
Thievery Corporation  Marching The Hate Machines Into The Sun 
Side B
Hilt  Snippet 
Minimal Man  Voice Of Vacaville 
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band  As Kind As Summer 
Neu!  Negativland 
Negativland  Perfect Scrambled Eggs 
Butthole Surfers  Boiled Dove 
Scanner  Gazelle In The Desert (Mellow Mix) 
Pierre Henry  Psyche Rock 
People Like Us & Wobbly  Swing Largo 
Bongwater  The First of Nick Cave Dolls (The Name Of The Band) 


Tape made for my boy Drew to guarantee a Very Bad psychedelic experience! I knew he was going to be tripping so I made this to ensure a Very, Very strange and uncomfortable ride. My mixes are not for the faint of heart and/or heavy drugs (Unless you just hard-core). You can't say I didn't warn you. Just ask Drew!


Mark Petruccelli
Date: 3/3/2006
twenty years ago I had a cassette that spun in and out of Kraftwerk's "Autobahn" for just such a purpose. You are a sick and twisted individual and I respect that.
Date: 3/3/2006
I can but hope you are joking. Otherwise, you're a sick puppy. Some excellent music here, but your intentions are dishonourable. Plus, I cannot conceive of anything that Drew and I would have to say to each other. I hope you will both be happy, I really do.
Date: 3/4/2006
Hmmm, my kind of trip, though!
Date: 3/4/2006
See, now I would dig this.
Date: 3/4/2006
So mean not to have included The Clash's Mensforth Hill. That was my choice for my first trip. The problem was that the snakes coming out of the lake turned out to be real water moccasins.
Date: 3/16/2006
I recognize most of this shizz. You focker. Good ups and low-downs.