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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre


Artist Song
Bach  Prelude in Bb Minor {WTC: Book I} 
Chopin  Piano Sonata Op.35, Third mvt: Marche FunFbre - excerpt 
Scriabin  Piano Sonata Op. 6, Fourth mvt: FunFbre - excerpt
{Orchestrated version} 
The Doors  The Severed Garden {An American Prayer} 
Pink Floyd  The Great Gig in the Sky {Dark Side of the Moon} 
Mussorgsky  Boris Godunov, Act IV: "Farewell, my son, I am dying" - excerpt 
Piero Umiliani  Sequenza Psichedelica {Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso} 
A Reminiscent Drive  Relief {Mercy Street} 
Tricky  Makes Me Wanna Die {Pre-Millennium Tension} 
Tomita  Neptune, The Mystic - excerpt {The Tomita Planets} 
Nicolette  Don't Be Afraid {Let No-One Live Rent Free In Your Head} 
Brian Eno  An Arc of Doves - excerpt {Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror} 
The United States of America  Cloud Song {The USA} 
Michiru Oshima  The Heavens {Full Metal Alchemist OST 1} 
Moby  Heaven {Ambient} 
Bj├Ěrk  All is full of Love {Single version} 
Alice Coltrane  The Ankh of Amen-Ra {Universal Consciousness} 
Scriabin  PoFm Op.69, No. 1 
Bruckner  Graduale, 'Locus Iste a Deo Factus Est' 
Scott Walker  Angels of Ashes {Scott 4} 
Purcell  Hail! Bright Cecilia - excerpt 
Edith Piaf  Mon Dieu  
Messiaen  Regard de l'+glise d'amour - excerpt 
Erik Satie  Prelude de la Porte Heroique de Ciel 
Rimsky-Korsakov  The Lord's Prayer 
Aretha Franklin  Give Yourself To Jesus {Amazing Grace} 


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Leif Averageson
Date: 4/6/2006
If only there was such a thing as reincarnation -- we'd all be able to listen to this again and again and again... . Or perhaps there's internet access in Heaven. Whichever's the case, this mix is divine.
Date: 4/6/2006
Mr. Mirage
Date: 4/7/2006
Luke... damned fine, once again!
Date: 4/7/2006
This theme is sadder and scarier than one might expect. You've captured that nicely! Well done, and thanks for the download.
Little Nicky
Date: 4/8/2006
Like Musicgnome said. I really like this one! good job Luke!
Rob Conroy
Date: 4/9/2006